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Damp Proofing

If you own a home, then you will want to do everything that you can in order to ensure that your property remains in good condition and is a healthy place for you and your family to live. However, a great deal of homes in the UK have damp in at least one room. Damp is a real problem for any home owner because it can cause serious health problems such as asthma or respiratory problems which can be a real problem for the family. Bad damp can also cause structural problems which could be very costly to put right. This is why all homeowners should consider damp proofing as a great preventative measure, or if damp is already present, as a way of stopping the problem in its tracks.

Damp & Mould

If your home does not have damp proofing to protect it from the elements, then it will be left vulnerable to the build up of moisture which could seep through your walls and cause rising damp and mould in the home. If you have a basement in your property, it will be particularly susceptible to the damp and should definitely be damp proofed if at all possible.

Apart from moisture in the soil, there are lots of reasons why a home may become damp. Anything from broken pipes to poor drainage conditions can cause dampness because. The more water which comes into contact with your walls and floors on a regular basis. The more moisture that can get into the bricks and this is a big problem which will cause you trouble unless damp proofing is installed.

Seek Immediate Attention

No matter what the cause of your damp problem may be, you should seek immediate attention to remedy the situation as soon as you notice any damp in your home. IF you just ignore the problem, then you will find that the damp spreads and your home will become a hotbed for fungi and structural problems could be caused. It is better to get damp proofing than risk your health or your home, after all.

Damp areas of the home will show up as discoloured or black patches on your walls which will be easily noticed. As soon as you see them, you should get straight on the phone to a professional damp proofing company who will add a course of damp proofing to your home which will remedy the situation and stop the problem from getting much worse. Damp is a problem which will not go away on its own. offer a range of damp proofing treatments as well as waterproofing and taking for the basement. Call today to discuss our 20 year Assured Guarantee for your damp proofing.

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