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Do you have a problem with damp proofing in a London area property?

We have been providing damp proofing services for London properties since 1976. Whether you have just noticed a suspicious damp patch on the wall, or you have been notified of a damp problem through a survey, we are here to help. We offer damp proofing in London, including North, South, East and West London, plus the Home Counties.  

Picture of damp proofing in LondonWhen To Call

If you notice a darkened area on a wall, weather internal or external, that feels slightly damp to touch, you may have a problem with rising damp. Before calling in the experts, check around the outside of the property for any obvious causes of this damp that you might be able to fix yourself, for example leaking guttering, or a poorly draining patio. You should also check to see if there is anything bridging any existing damp proofing you have in place, for example a raised flower bed. Once you’ve completed your own investigations, it’s time to call us.

All Work Completed By London & Home Counties Employees

When you call us, we will arrange a time for a qualified, certified, surveyor to come to your property and inspect the problem. We do not subcontract any of our work, so we can guarantee the knowledge and experience of each and every member of our team. Our dedication to inspecting properties and carrying out all remedial work ourselves means we only offer damp proofing in London and surrounding areas, as travel times prevent further reach.

Picture of damp proofing in LondonWhat Next

We use an industry approved method of injecting a damp proof course directly into the mortar bed of the property. This creates a physical barrier to any moisture penetrating from the surrounding soil and eliminate damp problems. All of our damp proofing treatments come with a 20 year guarantee, giving you peace of mind once the work is completed.

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